To hell with dignity. I’ll leave when the job’s done.





re: Agent 007 


“It may be boring and repetitive. But it’s far better than being treated like a slave. If half of Q branch has filed reports on me don’t you think it’s a bad idea that you send me down there?” 

Bond paced back and forth in the small space in front of M.One hand on his hip, the other running over his tired face. He was fighting a losing battle. He could feel it deep down. But Bond being bond meant that he would never go down without a fight.

“Are you absolutely sure that there is nothing else? Do you really hate me that much that you’d make me suffer so?”

"Are you scared, Bond?" Mallory was being provocative on purpose, gauging his agent in front of him. Teasing, testing, it was nearly the same thing, and even though M kept a small smile on his face he tried very hard to convey through his relaxed posture that he wasn’t being too aggressiv with Bond, merely playing at punishment. 

"I’m sure you’ll find a way to entertain yourself." He shrugged. 

"If you have any more concerns you may direct them to your Quartermaster, as he will be overseeing you while you spend your time down in his Branch."